Back in the Studio..Finally!!

It has been a while since I sat down seriously in the studio.  Know what, I missed it, even though I spent a lot of time taking pictures and capturing scenes I know will end up on a  canvas.
There is a great sense of accomplishment, holding a pencil or a brush making lines or strokes and the  final outcome is an image for others to appreciate. I am inspired, here goes!


Fall Colors Along the Concord River, Lowell MA

Whether it is a babbling brook, running river, roaring fall or the vast ocean, you will find me there with a camera. I am not sure what it is about a body of water I find so appealing, but whatever it is I am drawn to it. The images in the blog are places I have visited before at different times of the year, I wanted to go back and see the Fall colors, so glad I did. Wamesit Falls Overlook and Muldoon Park are in South Lowell great places to walk or just relax and enjoy the view.

Hawk With Prey

It is a beautiful day, I saw a gorgeous bird enjoying its meal and it allowed me to take these shots. I love hawks, eagles birds of prey, they are so lovely to look at and majestic. I tried getting a shot in flight but, it was too busy enjoying its meal.

Beach Picnic Class Reunion

The year 1981, the Raiders won the Superbowl,  the Boston Celtics were the NBA Champion and I graduated Kolbe Cathedral High school. Well…..I did not march in the ceremony due some chocolate incident. Needless to say it has been 31 years since I left Bridgeport CT without looking back. I passed by to NY, MD but never visited.
I had the great pleasure this past weekend to revisit, there was a Beach Picnic Class Reunion. It was  the beach, I could not pass that up, I have a love affair with the ocean, river or lake.
I had not seen any of my class mates over 30 yrs, and  I was excited and nervous. I was the quiet one, always in the back and never got involved in much. I was a transfer student from Jamaica in 1979 and it took while for me to get adjusted. By the time I was getting up to speed it was graduation.

Relaxing Place After Work

I just sat here relaxed, listened to the fall and watched the ducks. I love the sound of the  water fall.

Revisit Billings Street – I just Love these ducks

I am sure I will be back here at a later date. It seems they are doing some clean up , the boxes, milk carton and other junks are no longer there. Awesome!!



A Walk along Vandenberg Esplanade‎, “The Boulevard”.

This was not planned ahead. My daughter found out at midnight she had to work early this morning. Hmm, I have to go along the boulevard to drop her off at work, I will take my camera, walk, then relax.
Nothing like an early morning stroll, not many people, and I can be alone with my thoughts.
Well there were a few people, still it was very relaxing!